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How to Build a Landing Page Like An Internet Startup

A good landing page is like a good elevator pitch–it tells you exactly what you need to know within a few seconds. Unlike a typical website’s homepage, a landing page usually has very little if any links or other “distractions”. In fact, the purpose of a landing page

The Future of Customer Service is Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is not a new concept although the creative ways to use crowdsourcing is growing by the day.  The great news is that even small businesses and startups are now crowdsourcing creative solutions to problems that enable them to compete with companies much larger.  This article will

Why Coworking Is The Future of Work

There was something distinctly different about the one-hundred and sixty or so aspiring coders that surrounded me last weekend at the We/Code event hosted at one of the most thriving coworking spaces in Barcelona–and it wasn’t just the free-flowing mojitos after a long day of learning to code. Unlike

25 Reasons to To Tell When Its Time to Quit Your Job

Nobody wants to be a quitter–at least that’s what I kept telling myself before I became one.  Some call it the seven-year itch and that’s exactly how long I’d had my last job before I did what everyone else told me NOT to do: quit. I didn’t

How To Improve Your Bounce Rate

One of the easiest opportunities to rank higher and get more search traffic is to decrease your site’s bounce rate.  Today you will learn exactly what is a bounce rate, why it matters and exactly how you can fix it yourself on your own website without any

How To Get More Search Traffic Using Keyword Research

No matter what business you are in–you are in the business of understanding your customers.  Even if you are just now learning to how to grow your blog you still need to understand the needs of your audience.  Knowing this will figure out how to best rank higher

How to Use the Science of Persuasion To Build A Bigger Email List

Have you ever noticed how some websites practically charm you into giving-up your email address while others you would never fork-over in a thousand years? Well it’s not just you.  In fact there are six proven psychological triggers that are almost guaranteed to work if you follow

An Alternative to Hiring a Paid Search Expert – A Case Study

This is a two-part case study we are going to look at some of the issues with Google AdWords paid search, why many small businesses are struggling with its cost and complexity and a possible alternative to AdWords called Part I (this post) will provide an overview

How to Boost Your SEO By Making Your Website Faster

Using the techniques below I will should you exactly what I did to increase my website’s loading time by 850%. You may expect similar gains by using the steps below but keep in mind mileage will vary depending on several common issues that I will cover in detail